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How to Use a Pendant Enhancer*  For Printable Version Click Here

Pendant enhancers allow you to hang a pendant onto a beaded necklace. The enhancer is passed through the bail and then hung on the necklace. They can be used for practically any pendant.

*Please note these instructions are for Leeleeko Pendant Enhancers other types may work differently.

To see our pendant enhancers and other accessories click here.

Step 1
This pendant enhancer is larger than normal to fit the large bead in the necklace. The enhancers we sell are 1/2" x 1/2".

Step 2
Slide the enhancer through the bail of the pendant. The bail is the part the chain would normally pass through.


Step 3
The pendant is now hanging on the enhancer.

Step 4
Adjust the enhancer to fit around the center bead of the necklace. Gently squeeze the ends till it fits or..


Step 5
Gently stretch the ends as shown.

Step 6
Slide hooks over cord on either side of center bead.


 Step 7
The pendant is now hanging on the beaded necklace.


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