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Therapeutic and Healing Gemstone Properties

ab-Am An-Chi Chr-Gol Hem-Lap Mal-Qua Rho-Una

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Psychic Healing Properties Rhodochrosite

It helps alter destructive emotional patterns into positive ones that promote greater inner freedom, foster self-confidence and enable change. Neutralizes negative emotions and patterns, cleanses disharmony allows development of inner freedom and reveals hidden emotional strengths.


Psychic Healing Properties Rock Crystal

Relieves diarrhea, dizziness, hemorrhage, kidney troubles, spasms, vertigo. Helps ease pain anywhere.



Strongly affects changes in your attitude about yourself.  Helps to eliminate confusion and stimulate ones intellect.  Enhances clarity and enables one to set aside the emotions.


Psychic Healing Properties Sunstone

When worn sunstone increases energy during periods of illness or stress. It also increases sex drive, energy and self healing. Placed before a white candle, sunstone will spread protective energies throughout your home. In ancient times, sunstones were used by natives for barter. They were thought by the Vikings to be a talisman for navigation.  During the Renaissance they were used by magicians to call upon the influences of the sun.


Tiger Eye

Focuses the mind, helps one to see and understand different perspectives.  Gets us in touch with the Earth.   The peacefulness and warmth calms the emotions.  Provides courage.   Strengthens energetic boundaries.


Psychic Healing Properties Tiffany Stone / Bertrandite

Helps with psychic abilities and interpretations. Promotes emotional stability and strength, aids sex drive and enhance sexuality. Aids in business success and all around good health.


Psychic Healing Properties Tourmaline

A combination of black tourmaline in clear quartz.  Brings the forces of light and darkness into harmony.  Can be used to transform or deflect negative energy.


Psychic Healing Properties Turquoise

A very spiritual stone that enables us to see more clearly.  Elevates goals and understanding. Helps in communicating.  Beneficial for the entire body, especially the respiratory and immune systems.  Provides healing, strength, protection and clarity.


Psychic Healing Properties Unakite

Balances the physical and the emotional energies.

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