Gemstones and Their Healing Properties


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Therapeutic and Healing Gemstone Properties

ab-Am An-Chi Chr-Gol Hem-Lap Mal-Qua Rho-Una

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Therapeutic properties Chrysocolla

Brings harmony, wisdom in speech, purifies and removes negativity. Eases fear, anxiety, and guilt. Aids in treatment of the lungs, muscles, arthritis and headaches.


Therapeutic properties Chrysoprase

Brings good fortune, prosperity, and success. Aid self-expression, courage and the wisdom to use them. Relieves negative thoughts and irritability. Enhances and strengthens friendships, mends broken hearts. Aids failing eyesight and other eye problems.


Therapeutic properties Citrine

Assists in acquiring and maintaining prosperity.  Delivers both comfort and optimism.  It does not hold negative energy, but dissipates it.  Smoothes family and business relationships. 


Therapeutic properties Coral

Protects and strengthens one's emotional foundation.

Dinosaur Bone

Therapeutic properties Dinosaur Bone

Petrified Dinosaur Bone increases energy and memory. It has ties with the deep past and calms anxiety, particularly survival fears. Helps communication, healing of paralysis, broken bones, hearing, vigor and regulation of body temperature.


Therapeutic properties Eudialyte

Inspires confidence by connecting the emotions and the intellect bringing remarkable insights. Allows one to separate oneself from negative feelings. which limit self love and the ability to love and forgive others. Assists clairaudient abilities. Eudialyte is good for healing the emotions, increasing vitality, eye problems, pancreas, thyroid, and purifying the blood.


Therapeutic properties Rainbow Fluorite

Diminishes Stress. Cleanses and focuses the body.  Gives relief from arthritis and is an ancient cure for cancer.   Grounds excess energy and aids in spiritual awakening.  Arouses sexual energy.


Therapeutic properties Fossil Cabochon

fossil jewelry

Fossils are believed to increase life span, reduce toxins, anxiety, stress, balance the emotions, make one more confident. Containing supernatural and physical healing powers. They promote a sense of pride and success in business. Healers use fossils to enhance telepathy and stimulate the mind. Traditionally, fossils have been used to aid in  reducing tiredness, fatigue, digestive disorders, and rheumatism


Therapeutic properties Freshwater Pearls

Enables one to accept love. See the good parts of oneself so you can love yourself and others more.


Metaphysical Properties Garnet

Balances the physical and ethereal bodies. 
Good for the spine, bones, heart, lungs and blood.


Metaphysical Properties Goldstone

Aids in attaining goals, calms and stabilizes the emotions. Used to generate positive energy and deflect unwanted energy. Has many of the properties of copper, strengthens the circulatory system, strengthens the bones and eases arthritis pain.

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