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Therapeutic and Healing Gemstone Properties

ab-Am An-Chi Chr-Gol Hem-Lap Mal-Qua Rho-Una

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Angelite healing properties

Aids communication and inner harmony.


Healing properties Astrophyllite

Brings to life hidden forces and reveals as a door closes another opens.  It can remove fatty deposits, aids disorders of the reproductive organs and regeneration. Aids in astral travel and dreaming.


Healing properties Green Aventurine

Enhances creativity, individuality and independence. Excellent protector for the heart. Helps in alignment of the intellectual, emotional, physical and auric bodies.  Relieves stress.  Aids in manifesting prosperity and success.


Healing properties Azurite Malachite

Dissolves fear and transforms it into understanding. Increases communication abilities. Renews and motivates.  Integrates the physical with the spiritual. Amplifies healing and meditation.  Relaxing, eases stress.


Healing properties Tiffany Stone / Bertrandite

See Tiffany Stone


Healing properties Bloodstone

Brings vitality in both mind an body and is a good stone to use if you are feeling tired or run down, reduces stress and centers you and inspires intuition and creativity.


Therapeutic properties Carnelian

Helps stimulate thought that leads to challenging and enriching experiences. Strengthens creativity.


Therapeutic properties Chalcedony Rosette Crystal

Chalcedony promotes optimism, serenity, mental stability, generosity, responsiveness, receptivity and goodwill; brings relief to throat and neck ailments and improves one's voice.


Therapeutic properties Charoite

Called a "Stone of Transformation".  It is stone of power which releases negative emotions transforming them into positive feelings. Brings inspiration, enhanced creativity, spiritual growth, and new possibilities. Helpful headaches, liver problems, alcohol detoxification, cramps, heart problems, and eye problems.

Chinese Writing Stone

Therapeutic properties Chinese Writing Stone

Validates plans and the ability to execute them smoothly.

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