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Gemstone  Information

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UnakiteUnakite is the state stone of Virginia. It was first discovered in the mountains of North Carolina. An altered form of granite sometimes referred to as epidotized granite, it is composed of pink orthoclase feldspar, green epidote and often clear quartz. It is found in a variety of green, pink and orange peach shades, usually with a mottled appearance. It takes a good polish and is often used in jewelry and carvings.  It is also found in South Africa, Brazil and China.   Healing Properties 

Varisite CabochonVariscite is a relatively rare phosphate mineral. Sometimes mislabeled as turquoise. It has a distinctive color pattern and waxy luster. Color is light green to emerald green, sometimes bluish-green or colorless.  Found in Utah, Germany, Australia and Brazil. Rare and beautiful this gemstone is inexpensive because it is not well known. 

Victoria Stone Gemstone CabochonVictoria Stone is a man made lapidary material that was manufactured in Japan in the 1970's.  It is no longer being produced and the formula for itís creation has been lost since the death of itís creator.  It is difficult to find. It is chatoyant with fan shaped swirls across the stone.  It is a reconstructed stone similar to nephrite jade.  It is laboratory produced from natural minerals such as quartz, calcite, fluorspar, Magnesite, and feldspar, etc.  This is not a synthetic or imitation but a reconstructed natural stone. 

Wyoming Jade PendantWyoming Jade is actually nephrite jade discovered in Wyoming in the early 1900s, where some very high quality jade has been found. It is hard and tough and can vary in color from an opaque black to  translucent apple green.. The green color is caused by iron within the crystal lattice. If no iron is present the result is an almost colorless or cloudy white variety of jade. Other varieties of Wyoming jade include translucent, emerald-green; apple- green, olive-green, leaf-green, black, and snowflake jade. The apple-green and translucent varieties are rarer and more valuable.  Healing Properties   Cabochons


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