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To find jewelry or cabs made of a specific stone,  use our Search Page.

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Sodalite Gemstone CabochonSodalite is a royal or navy blue mineral used as an ornamental stone. It is a member of the sodalite group and is a common component of lapis lazuli. It is named after its sodium content. Very similar to lazurite and lapis lazuli, sodalite is never quite the ultramarine blue of the other two stone.  It rarely contains pyrite, a common inclusion in lapis and is often streaked with white.  Healing Properties   Cabochons
Sonora Sunset / Sonora Sunrise CabochonSonora Sunrise is a wonderful new find out of Mexico. It is made up of Chrysocolla and Cuprite, which makes for a spectacular color combination of bright blue-green and red.  Cabochons
Stromatolite Fossil CabochonStromatolite is the fossilized buildup of microbial mats that form in limestone.  Formed by trapping particles of microorganisms such as bacteria and algae, these mats typically form above the sea floor.  Stromatolite includes the oldest known fossils, dating back some 3.5 billion years life to the earliest forms of life.   Cabochons
Sunstone Cabochons from IndiaSunstone is a plagioclase feldspar which in appears in different directions to have brilliant shimmering patches.  This is caused by tiny enclosed scales of red hematite parallel to the cleavage plane which reflect light.  Sunstone is not rare and is found in Norway, Siberia, India and the United States. Sunstone is the state stone of Oregon and is found there in Harney and Lakes Counties.  This variety of sunstone contains inclusions of copper crystals.   Healing Properties   Cabochons
Blue Tiger Eye Gemstone CabochonTiger Eye is a chatoyant gemstone that is gold, reddish brown or blue. It has a silky luster and is  a member of the quartz family. Blue tiger eye is also known as Hawk eye.  Healing Properties   Cabochons
Tiger Iron Gemstone CabochonTiger Iron is a mixture of tiger eye, red jasper and hematite.   Cabochons
Turquoise and Sterling Silver Gemstone PendantTurquoise has been used in jewelry since the time of the pharaohs  in ancient Egypt. Turquoise is most often shaped into a cabochon for use in jewelry. It is an opaque stone often with a bright robinís egg blue color that indicates the presence of copper.  North American specimens often contain inclusions from oxides that form during their creation. This matrix can include sandstone, limonite, malachite, chrysocolla, jasper or psilomelane. The veins in some stones interlock in patterns to form "spider-web" turquoiseHealing Properties  Cabochons
Turritella Fossil Agate Pendant Agate can be found in much of the western area of the U.S. which was once an inland sea. The turritella was an ancient sea snail with a cone shaped spiral shell.  The tiny shells have been replaced by agate and chalcedony. There are other similar fossil agates from this inland sea with other species of marine snails.   Healing Properties   Cabochons
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