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Wild Horse Magnesite Gemstone CabochonsMagnesite or Wild Horse Often called Wild Horse Turquoise,  Magnesite is not really turquoise but a mixture of Magnesite and hematite. Discovered fairly recently in the 1990's in southern Arizona in the Gila wilderness area it is a beautiful and popular stone.  This stone is characterized by its creamy white color against a darker matrix of which can be red, brown, green, or black. The black variety is known as White Buffalo. It is also known as Viper Jasper  Cabochons
Malachite Gemstone CabochonMalachite is easily recognized by itís bands of light and dark green which are formed in stalactites itís massive carvable form is well known. There is a much rarer crystalline form which is chatoyant. Malachite pseudo morphs the mineral azurite, replacing the original material, when this process is incomplete it results in azurite-malachite.  Azurite-malachite has patches of both the dark blue azurite and the green malachite.  Healing Properties  Cabochons
Marcasite Gemstone CabochonMarcasite is a very heavy metallic mineral that is sometimes found in an agate matrix as in Marcasite from Nipomo, California. Marcasite in agate polishes like agate and makes wonderful jewelry. Marcasite has the same chemical formula as Pyrite, but crystallizes in a different crystal system, thereby making it a separate mineral. Often mislabeled because the difference is not apparent without complex analysis.  Cabochons
Marra Mamba Tiger Eye CabochonMarra Mamba Tiger Eye is the most treasured of all tiger eye gemstones.  From the Pilbara region of  Australiaís Hamersley Ranges this stone is highly valued for its multiple colors and brilliant chatoyancy.  Like tiger iron it contains veins of hematite.  Unlike other tiger eyes it can contain patterns of red, blue, gold and green all on the same stone.  No longer mined it is becoming  increasingly rare and itís value continues to increase.  Cabochons

Maw Sit Sit Jade CabochonMaw Sit Sit is a rare bright green gemstone that has dark-green to black veining and occasionally white spots. Often called Maw Sit Sit Jade. It is found near jadeite and jadeite is one of it's components. It was discovered in the early 60's. The name Maw Sit Sit comes from the area where it was discovered in Burma. It is a complex stone found in certain types of metamorphic rock. Its stunning green color is the result of itís chromium content. Maw Sit Sit is composed of chromite, ureyite, chrome jadeite, symplektite, chrome amphibole, and other lighter minerals.   Healing Properties  Cabochons

Brecciated Mookaite CabochonMookaite  is a colorful Jasper from Western Australia in swirls of reds, yellows and browns. Formed as sediment in erosion zones and as a filler in cracks.

Brecciated Mookaite is another new find from Western Australia near the Kennedy Ranges. It is Actually a brecciated  radiolarite.  Very different in appearance from standard Mookaite but just as colorful.  Cabochons

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