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To find jewelry or cabs made of a specific stone,  use our Search Page.

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Ohio Flint CabochonFlint is a hard and durable type of quartz.  It has had a variety of uses through the ages: struck with steel to spark and ignite a fire; made into arrow heads, spearheads and other tools by early man;  for building material; and it can also be polished as a gemstone.  Two types of flint commonly polished into cabochons are Banded Flint from Poland and Ohio Flint. Ohio flint is very colorful and polishes very nicely, it is also the state stone of Ohio. Polish Flint is not as colorful, although it has beautiful banded patterns which make up for itís muted coloring.  The examples Iíve seen are varying shades of grey, mauve, brown or cream.

Fluorite is a mineral that comes in a variety of colors ranging from yellow, pink, blue green and violet. Especially attractive is rainbow fluorite with itís bands of color. The violet variety is sometimes mistaken for amethyst. Fluorite crystals can be either transparent or translucent. Healing Properties  Cabochons

Fossil Coral PendantFossil CoralFossilized CoralFossil Coral  is the mineralized remains of ancient coral. Some fossil coral has been agatized or become agate over the millennia and is a hard stone which can take a high polish.   Healing Properties  Cabochons
Russian GarnetGarnet is a group of minerals that have been used since the Bronze Age as gemstones and abrasives. Most often seen in red, they come in a wide variety of colors including orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, black, pink and colorless.  Six common types of garnet are recognized based on their chemical composition. Garnet can range from the gemstone-quality transparent to the opaque. 
Goldstone CabochonGoldstone is manmade and more of a glass than a stone.  The original recipe for goldstone was a well kept secret of the Vatican that only recently has been shared with others.  Although not a natural stone it is a beautiful material which makes sparkling lovely cabochons. Most commonly found in brown it does come in other colors including blue and green.  Healing Properties 
Graveyard Point Plume Agate PendantGraveyard Point Plume Agate comes from the Owyhee mountain area, on the Idaho Oregon border. It is named for the beautiful plume like patterns within the agate. The colors range from a creamy white to yellow, pinks, reds, and different shades of blue. Iron pyrite can add a nice sparkle to this stone. Inclusions of other minerals, create fascinating scenes to fuel the imagination. The image on the right the pendant is back lit to show the translucence of the agate.  Healing Properties  Cabochons
Imperial Jasper CabochonImperial Jasper comes from Guadalajara, Mexico. One of the fine jaspers on the market, this collectible material is porcelain hard and comes in many varieties. This jasper forms in nodules and usually has a chalky white exterior. Typically it come in shades of pink, red and green.  Healing Properties  Cabochons
Indian Paint Stone CabochonIndian Paint Stone is found in Death Valley California and can no longer be collected since Death Valley became a National Park. It is also known as Indian Paint Stone Picture Jasper and Death Valley Picture Jasper. Technically, it may not be a true jasper as it has not completely become silica. It has beautiful patterns that appear to be painted on and some great coloring with veins of hematite.  Healing Properties 
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