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Fossil Jewelry
Find fossil cabochons in Gemstone Cabochons.

One of a kind Handcrafted Fossil pendants, Fossil Earrings, Fossil Necklaces, Fossil Cabochons

About Fossils


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Ammonite Fossil Pendants

Item 2250P

Fossil Shark Tooth
Fossil Shark Tooth Pendants

Item 2251P

Turritella Agate
 Turritella Fossil Agate Pendant
Item 1523


Ammonite Fossil Pendant

Item 2172P

Turritella Agate
Turritella Fossil Agate Earrings

Item 2178


Ammonite Fossil Pendant and Earring Set

Item 2177S


Fossilized Coral

Fossil Coral Earrings

Item 2179

 Orthoceras Fossil
Orthoceras Fossil Pendants

Item 1034

Amber Pendant and Matching Necklace.
Item 1036
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