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Gemstone Cabochons    R-S    Click on images for details

Rhodochrosite Cabochons

Rhodochrosite is a stunning pink gemstone with very distinctive color and intricate scallop patterns.  It is commonly found in Argentina. 


Rhodochrosite gemstone cabochon

Item 2084

Rhodochrosite gemstone cabochon

Item 2083

Rhodochrosite gemstone cabochon

Item 2079


Rhodonite Cabochons

Rhodonite is sometimes confused with rhodochrosite.  Rhodonite does not have the pink and white scallop pattern that is distinctive of rhodochrosite. Rhodonite may also be found in a brown or black matrix while rhodochrosite is typically pink and white.

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Rhodonite Cabochon

Item 1942

Rhodonite Gemstone Cabochon

Item 1706

Rhodonite Gemstone Cabochon
Item 1581


Rhyolite Cabochons

Rhyolite is rich in the minerals feldspar and quartz, mica and mineral glass.  It is very abundant in California and Oregon. Rhyolite is not rare, but it has some of the most beautiful and unusual patterns and earthy color.

Bird's Eye Rhyolite Gemstone Cabochon
Item 1585

Rhyolite Gemstone Cabochon

Orbicular Rhyolite Cabochon
Item 1364

Orbicular Rhyolite Cabochon
Item 1373


Saginite Cabochons

Schalenblende Cabochons

Saginite has needle like formations of rutile which occurs in groups of crystal crossing at 60 degree angles often enclosed in quartz, agate or other minerals. Saginite may appear to contain fossilized materials but it does not. The rutiles are naturally occurring crystal formations within the rock.

Schalenblende is a quite striking blend of brassy and silvery metallic colors mixed with cream.  It is mined in southern Poland.


Saginite Gemstone Cabochon

Item 2091

Saginite Gemstone Cabochon

Item 2081

Saginite Gemstone Cabochon
Item 1114
Schalenblende Gemstone Cabochon
Item 1806

Sonora Sunset (Cuprite)

Sunstone Cabochons

Whether it's called Sonora Sunset or Sonora Sunrise, it is a wonderful new find out of Mexico. It is made up of Chrysocolla and Cuprite, which makes for a spectacular color combination of bright blue-green and red.

Sunstone is a feldspar which from different angles has brilliant shimmering patches.  This is caused by tiny enclosed scales of red hematite which reflect light.

Sonora Sunset / Sonora Sunrise Cabochon
Item 1816
  Indian Sunstone Cabochon
Item 205
Indian Sunstone Cabochon
Item 1925

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