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Sunstone Gemstone Crystal Pendant with Sterling Silver Wire.

Sunstone appears in different directions to have brilliant shimmering patches.  This is caused by tiny enclosed scales of red hematite which reflect light.  Sunstone is found in Norway, Siberia, India and the United States. Sunstone is the state stone of Oregon and is found there in Harney and Lakes Counties.  This variety of sunstone contains inclusions of copper crystals.

Healing and metaphysical properties:  When worn sunstone increases energy during periods of illness or stress. It also increases sex drive, energy and self healing. Placed before a white candle, sunstone will spread protective energies throughout your home. In ancient times, sunstones were used by natives for barter. They were thought by the Vikings to be a talisman for navigation.  During the Renaissance they were used by magicians to call upon the influences of the sun.

Pendant measures 2-5/8" with bail.


Handcrafted in USA

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