Unique Handcrafted Eudialyte, Polish Flint, Ohio Flint and Fluorite Gemstone Cabochons

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Eudialyte Cabochons

Eudialyte is a somewhat rare gemstone, which is well known for its distinctive colors including magenta, pink, blue, yellow and brown. Eudialyte is actually made up of several minerals; Sodium, Calcium, Cerium, Iron, Manganese, Zirconium, Silicon, Hydrogen and Chlorine. Eudialyte is usually found embedded in the host rock surrounded by other minerals. Most of the Eudialyte on the market today comes from the Kola Peninsula of Russia. Eudialyteís rare beauty and distinctive colors have made it popular among mineral collectors.

Fluorite Cabochons

Fluorite is a mineral that comes in a variety of colors ranging from yellow, pink, blue green and violet. Especially attractive is rainbow fluorite with itís bands of color. The violet variety is sometimes mistaken for amethyst. Fluorite crystals can be either transparent or translucent.

Eudialyte Gemstone Cabochon
Item 2056
Eudialyte Gemstone Cabochon
Item 1356
Rainbow Flourite Cabochon
Item 1155
Fluorite Gemstone Cabochon
Item 1154

Fossil Cabochons

Coquina Fossil Jasper

Fossil Agate

This jasper is full of coquina fossilized clams. It comes from India and is also known as Elephant Jasper.  This fossil stone forms near the seashore where the tiny clams are mixed with sand.

Turritella fossil agate can be found in much of the western area of the U.S. which was once an inland sea. The turritella was an ancient sea snail with a cone shaped spiral shell.  The tiny shells have been replaced by agate and chalcedony. There are other similar fossil agates from this inland sea with other species of marine snails.

Coquina Fossil Jasper Cabochon

Item 2086

Coquina Fossil Jasper Cabochon

Item 2087

Ammonite Fossil Agate Cabochons

Item 2107

Turritella Fossil Agate Cabochon

Item 2061

Fossil Coral


These are the mineralized remains of ancient coral. Some fossil coral has been agatized or become agate over the millennia and is a hard stone which can take a high polish.

Fossil Coral Cabochon
Item 2005
Fossil Coral Cabochon
Item 1267

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