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About Fossils

Fossils are the mineralized or otherwise preserved remains or traces of animals and plants. They have a unique beauty and mystique all their own and make wonderful jewelry. Fossils invoke images of a time when strange prehistoric animals roamed our planet, exotic plants and towering trees covered the landscape. There are therapeutic healing properties attributed to fossils.

Amber is fossil resin or tree sap which sometimes preserves insects, plants and


Ammonite fossils are the remains of an extinct marine animal found throughout the world. In pyritized ammonite the ammonite has been replaced by pyrite.

Ammolite is a rare valuable gemstone found primarily in Canada. The ammonite remains have been opalized. 

Coprolite is fossilized dinosaur dung. It sounds nasty, but the original material has been replaced by minerals that are often quite attractive when shaped and polished. 

Coquina fossil jasper is covered with tiny coquina clam fossils.

Fossilized coral ancient coral remains.

Fossil agate has fossils of tiny marine creatures. 

Orthoceras are fossils of an extinct sea creature with a long conical shape.

Petrified dinosaur bone is dinosaur bone that has become petrified or replaced by minerals.

Petrified wood comes from fossilized trees.

Stromatolite the fossilized remains of microbial mats that form in limestone.  Formed by trapped microorganisms such as bacteria and algae.

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